A Seersucker Summer

Today was a good day to head north of Atlanta for some good ol’ fashioned Southern family time.


20140712-230638-83198266.jpg I am absolutely in love with my Lauren James seersucker dress! It was especially perfect when paired with my trusty Jacks and a VV seersucker clutch. 20140712-231044-83444139.jpg
It was a perfect mix of classy and casual for a barbecue.
Speaking of barbecue, here’s a picture of the BBQ loving minisister enjoying the North Georgia countryside.

20140712-231545-83745619.jpg I’ll close this post with a picture of North Georgia, y’all can see it for yourselves.



Fourth of July

Well, the Fourth has come and gone! And let me just say, that I had an amazing time😊

20140705-103135-37895226.jpg My nailllsss. (And a bottle of sugar Coke)
Per usual, my parents made enough food for two thousand people, including my pies.

20140705-103814-38294031.jpg Peanut butter pie with an Oreo crust.

20140705-103924-38364443.jpg Key lime pie with meringue.
There were fantastic fireworks, the video of which is not wanting to transfer over from Instagram, so I’m afraid I’ll have to use my pics instead.


And of course, my patriotic Lilly Pulitzer shorts (which glowed in the dark) were perfect.

Shoes: Jack Rogers
Shorts: Lilly Pulitzer
Top: Vineyard Vines
Bracelet: Kate Spade

I’ll close this post by saying Happy Independence Day America!

Sandestin, the Ultimate Destin-ation

I’m sorry about the title. I really am. Okay, fine not really. Now that I’m back from vacation I figured that I’d go ahead and post!
Sandestin is gorgeous! In case you don’t believe me, I come bearing proof.


Anyways, it was a perfect way to start the summer. As always, I made sure to stop into Lulu’s a few times (always a great time). For those unfamiliar with Lulu’s, eating at there is more of an experience than a meal. There is a huge climbing complex, a separate bar that overlooks the water, a huge sand pit for kids in front of a stage where live music often plays, a gift shop and not one, but two restaurants.


20140705-101756-37076568.jpg Me with one of their daiquiris. (Which are fantastic).
Another thing that I did is that I went to see the Blue Angels practice in Pensacola.



20140705-102224-37344047.jpg (The mini-sister wants to be a Blue Angel pilot now.)
All in all it was amazing trip. Although some of the things I did I’ve cut for time and length, and other things are getting their own article (hint: one involves a zip line!) that wraps up this post.
Before I go, here’s one more pic of the Gulf:

Bye for now!