Books I Wrote

The Sparrow’s Call

Helen Provet is anything but an ordinary Roman socialite, and she knows it. Gorgeous, with a mysterious past, a sharp tongue and a knack for overanalyzing things, Helen is ready for anything-except for the sequence of events that are about to begin. Between a kidnapping, an incredibly frustrating fiancée, and a secretive new maid, Helen’s life is about to change for good, for better or for worse.

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24 Days of Devotion

This Holiday season, read along with this advent devotional book. Each day, a new devotional walks you through a section of the Christmas story. Perfect for individuals or bible studies looking for a daily journey in December.

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Featured In:

So Before I Let You Go

There’s no guide to learning how to let go. The path is filled with twists and turns, ups and downs, and a mess of feelings that sometimes are left unsaid. This collection of essays explores a moment in someone’s life while they’re on that journey and learning how to put themselves back together while leaving other moments behind. Heartbreaking at times and always unapologetically honest, ‘So Before I Let You Go’ is sure to make you feel seen and understood, no matter where you are in your own journey of learning to let go.

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