Sandestin, the Ultimate Destin-ation

I’m sorry about the title. I really am. Okay, fine not really. Now that I’m back from vacation I figured that I’d go ahead and post!
Sandestin is gorgeous! In case you don’t believe me, I come bearing proof.


Anyways, it was a perfect way to start the summer. As always, I made sure to stop into Lulu’s a few times (always a great time). For those unfamiliar with Lulu’s, eating at there is more of an experience than a meal. There is a huge climbing complex, a separate bar that overlooks the water, a huge sand pit for kids in front of a stage where live music often plays, a gift shop and not one, but two restaurants.


20140705-101756-37076568.jpg Me with one of their daiquiris. (Which are fantastic).
Another thing that I did is that I went to see the Blue Angels practice in Pensacola.



20140705-102224-37344047.jpg (The mini-sister wants to be a Blue Angel pilot now.)
All in all it was amazing trip. Although some of the things I did I’ve cut for time and length, and other things are getting their own article (hint: one involves a zip line!) that wraps up this post.
Before I go, here’s one more pic of the Gulf:

Bye for now!


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