Back to School Essentials

Well, school has probably started already for a lot of you, and my own school starts back in a week of two, so I figured I should go ahead and do my back to school list. I’ll count down ten things I simply can’t live without. Let’s get started!
10. Essie ‘e’ Collection
I am absolutely obsessed with my essie top coat, nail strengthener, and drying drops. They help me create an easy, salon quality manicure while finishing that term paper.
9. Moleskine Notebooks
Classic and sleek, these notebooks range in tons of sizes, whilst maintaining a certain standard of sophistication and know how.
8. Jack’s
Seriously the most versatile shoe around. Dressy enough for a wedding, yet casual enough for sitting in the library. Basically this generation’s answer to every shoe question ever. They’re comfortable, versatile, and seriously adorable. (Did I mention they go with everything?)
7. A Really Good Playlist.
Nothing like trying to study with the dryer (or horrors! the air conditioner) on in the background. The solution of course is Iggy Azalea and 3oh!3 at top volume. (Granted this one is really just my answer to everything so…)
6. A Good Pair of Headphones
This one is tied into #7. Noise canceling is ideal, but honestly whatever keeps you from losing hearing and guarantees your roommates/family won’t continue complaining that they’re sick of Calvin Harris is perfect.
5. A Meditation App
A meditation app (I like headspace personally) can keep you from going crazy as finals creep closer and closer. A lot of apps have short (10 min.) sessions that are designed to relax you in the middle of a busy day. You’ll be amazed by how refreshed you feel.
4. Comfy Preppy Looks
Sweats are out for all but the most desperate all-nighters. I found that Vineyard Vines makes a lot of adorable (and comfortable) shirts and sweaters. PINK makes some seriously chill jean shorts and when the weather gets chilly, you’ll be shocked what a good pair of designer jeans can do. Every brand fits differently, so shop around for the perfect ones. You won’t regret it!
3. A Scrunchie
Scrunchies are back and they are one style trend that I am so excited about. They are more, wait for it, comfortable(!) than the average hair band, as well as doing less damage to your hair. Add in the fact that they are way harder to lose than the average hair clip and it’s hard to see any downside.
2. A Really Cute Dress
Just because school is back doesn’t mean you have to become a social pariah hidden behind a stack of books. Quite the opposite! School is chock full of social opportunities. Every girl needs one fantastic dress to wear to whatever special occasion pops up!
1. Lifetime Supply of Candy
Because really, what student doesn’t need this?
I hope that this list has been helpful!
Welcome back school!


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