What I’m Listening to: Lucky Ones by Lana Del Rey

You’ll never guess where I just got back from. I know what you’re thinking – probably some major metropolitan area. Well usually you’d be right (look at you, all clever) but I’m afraid I’ve got the best of you this time. I was in Alaska. Not just Alaska though – I was north of Fairbanks, inside the Arctic Circle, in the wilderness. I’m not just talking no cell service, I’m talking I didn’t see another living soul other than my guide and my pilot for literally the whole time I was out there (four-ish days and three nights for those keeping score at home). It was actually really fun. I have never been anywhere that quiet – you could hear a dragonfly from like 50 feet away, it was pretty amazing. The weather was in our favor too, pretty blue skies and nice cool weather (all the Alaskans swore up and down it was hot, but it was like 75 the whole time).

All packed
After a four hour drive, we have to fly even further north
I wish I could remember exactly which river this was, but it’s escaping me. If you’re an Alaska river expert, let me know!
Setting up our canoe
The pike my guide, Sarah caught
Look at that view
Not apologizing for my fleece
Little bird feet
One pretty campsite
Wolf tracks
Headed back to civilization




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