Hey Nineteen

What I’m Listening to: Take My Love and Run by Bad Suns

And just like that I’m in my last year of being a teenager. Somehow 13 seems like it was both yesterday and a very long time ago, so I guess that evens out to, like, 6 years. Life is weird, but I don’t want this post to just be me pondering the concept of how life seems to move fast and slow at the same time, so let’s talk about my birthday. I went to New Orleans for the weekend and it was a total blast. I went to see live jazz playing on Bourbon Street, ate beignets at Café Du Monde and just generally explored the best of New Orleans. Here’s the greatest hits (yes, I did buy one of those paintings): 




Happy Birthday + Laura Ashley

What I’m listening to: Someone That Loves You by HONNE

Happy birthday to me! I spent a better portion of yesterday making this Momofuku Milk Bar style cake. And seriously, let me tell you, when they say it’s an amazing cake recipe, they mean it. It’s like what you always dreamed a box cake would taste like. Recipe link here btw. (You can thank me later)

I got some amazing things this year, but one of my definite favorites was this vintage Laura Ashley dress.

A flouncy sundress made practical by my favorite shoes of the summer; Addidas Superstars, is perfect for long, end-of-summer days. (Also for opening presents!)

Cheers to the new year!