Lipstick + Plaid

What I’m listening to: Limetown, Episode 3: Napoleon 

Well, it’s for reals the “Holiday Season” now. Which means pie, gingerbread, and those weird ribbon candies no one who doesn’t remember when California wasn’t a state likes (September 9, 1850 btw). So what’s a better coat for the season than the ever-flattering swing coat? Especially this one in such a cheery plaid! (Did that sound appropriately fashion blogger-y? I feel like yes.) The other thing I’m loving is this nude Yves Saint Laurent lipstick (this one is #22). It works great, especially in the cold, because it hydrates and protects your lips. Kind of like a grown up version of my favorite lip balm of all time Baby Lips. Alas, I must now wrap this post up, somewhere in the world someone is unwittingly purchasing ribbon candy and I must warn them before it’s too late. 




Jacket: ChicWish 

Jeans: Blank NYC

Ankle boots: Nine West


That 70’s Vibe

What I’m Listening to: Fire and Rain by James Taylor

It’s official. The 1970’s are back. Well, not the terrible parts (looking to you weird orange margarine). Just the fashion. Hellooooo jeans with flare! (I’m sorry. Not really, but still.) 


 Stay Groovy

Jeans: American Eagle

Turtleneck: Victoria’s Secret

Earrings: Kate Spade

Gloss: Urban Decay

Purse: Kate Spade

Shoes: Born