October is for Hunters (and LJ)

 What I’m listening to: Music to Watch Boys To by Lana Del Rey
It’s October already?! I can’t believe this year is mostly over! Still, it’s nice to feel a chill in the air once more. Time for sweaters, apple cider, and football season. (And yes I’ll use an Oxford comma if I want to, you can’t stop me) Grammar fights aside, it’s also time for Hunter boots and LJ long sleeves. 

 This shirt is so soft, it feels like your favorite shirt on the first wear. Ditto on my absolute favorite jeans. Deets on my look are listed under my sign-off. (Yes I use slang that hasn’t been relevant in 20 years it’s called being hipster.) 

Pumpkin Spice Latte,

Shirt: Lauren James

Jeans: Hudson Jeans

Boots/boot socks: Hunter Boots


Christmas Tree Farm Fun

What I’m listening to: Jingle Bells by Bing Crosby

It’s that time of the year again, time for parties and laughter and advice columns overrun with tales of terrible in-laws. We’re a week from Christmas, so it was obviously time to go get a Christmas tree. (I’ll post photos of it decorated once it’s done.) Luckily we have high ceilings, because when we got there they were down to 10′ and over trees.





The good news is, we found a tree. There is no bad news because it’s Christmas, we found a tree, and it fits under our roof.
Happy Holidays! (The tree is tipping dangerously. I gotta go)