I Dream of Jadeite

What I’m Listening to: My Type by Saint Motel

Anyone who follows me on Pinterest (kathleenjuneh shameless plug) can tell you that I love kitsch. Especially vintage glassware, like milk glass, depression glass, and Jadeite. I’ve linked a description of each of those to those links if you are interested in joining me down this rabbit hole. Anyway, this weekend I went to a glassware exhibit and sale. There were so many amazing pieces, like the jewel toned Moon and Stars which I could stare at all day. So pretty! However, it was the Jadeite that really caught my attention. There was simply piles of it, every pattern and shape you can imagine. Cups, rolling pins, pitchers, even lamps! I admired all of it, knowing that there was no way that I was leaving empty handed. It was a very serious business. In the end, I managed to keep myself down to only two pieces, a citrus reamer and a small hobnail lamp. Aren’t they adorable? I think I’ve already found a lampshade for the lamp, I’ll be sure to update when I get it all together. Here’s to new hobbies and vintage things!




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